An In-Depth Look at Equities Trading on the Lightspeed Trader Platform

Lightspeed traders can learn about the advanced features and functions of equities trading on Lightspeed Trader.

Are you interested in trading equities with Lightspeed Trader? The Lightspeed Trader platform delivers active traders a robust trading system with highly established market data and performance, superior operational stability, and advanced customizations.

With extensive trading tools to implement various trading strategies and styles, Lightspeed Trader makes trading equities a breeze. If you are a professional trader seeking to trade equities on Lightspeed Trader, learn more about the advanced features and functions of equities trading on the Lightspeed Trader platform. This webinar covered:

Basic and Advanced Features:

  • The Orders Window
  • Advanced Equities Order Entry
    • How to toggle the symbol, share size, price, order type (market, limit, stop) and destination
    • Various destinations, associated fees and how to configure advanced routes
  • Navigation:
    • Navigating index information, marked P&L (open plus closed P&L), open positions, open orders and more
  • Market Maker Box – Level 1 & Level 2 Components
  • The Message Window
  • Hot Buttons
  • Custom Orders
  • Hot Keys
  • Scanners
  • Watchlist Window
  • Positions Window
  • Account Summary Window
  • Chart Window
  • And more….

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