Bollinger Bands as a Tool for Futures and Options Trading Strategies

By: Montana Timpson Bollinger Bands, a staple in many professional traders’ charting wheelhouse, view volatility as dynamic, designed to be an “envelope” of evolving price action. Active traders can utilize Bollinger Bands to help gauge whether single stock options are likely to increase or decrease in value, making the indicator an invaluable tool for many.. Read more

Examining the Basis of Call Options

By: Montana Timpson Buying call options is bullish, by nature, representing an optimistic view on the rising price of underlying shares. With market news dominated by unprecedented short squeeze phenomena, recent tech earnings and the record number of active traders in the US market, we’re going back to the foundations of call options — and.. Read more

Follow The Leader: ARK Invest Is Moving Stocks Like No Fund Before

By: Spencer Israel Cathie Wood has made a name for herself and her firm, ARK Invest, by making extraordinarily bullish calls on tech stocks. Her biggest was the 2018 prediction that Tesla (TSLA) would hit $4,000 per share within five years. At the time, Tesla was trading around $325. Three years and one 5-for-1 stock.. Read more

Ring in the Annual Earnings Reports

By: Montana Timpson With the dawn of 2021 upon us, stakeholders and the public alike prepare for a wave of last year’s highly anticipated annual earnings reports. Though there are many exceptions, a large majority of U.S. companies define their fiscal year-end simultaneously with the calendar year-end, and, as SEC guidelines require, we expect to.. Read more

Did 2020 Raise Your Annualized Rate of Return?

By: Montana Timpson As the 2020 fiscal year draws to a close, annual rates of return hit professional traders’ radars as they seek to distinguish years’ top performers. For investors with diverse portfolios, calculating rates of return can help compare the relative performance of multiple investments, making clear which assets won big in 2020. Calculating.. Read more

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