Service and Processing Fees

Service Fees (Securities Accounts)

Description Fee
ACAT Fees – Inbound FREE
ACAT Fees – Outbound $95.00
ACH Transfers Funds FREE
 ACH Recalls / Reversals  $30.00
ACH Returns $30.00
Certificate Fees $50.00
Certificate Safe Keeping Fee $30.00/Quarter
Conversion Fees (changing ADR to ODR) $25.00
DTC Fees $25.00
Foreign securities-ACAT Fees Variable
IRA Opening Fee $20.00
IRA Annual Fee (First year waived) $35.00
IRA Closing Fee $95.00
Limited Partnership (Annual Fee) $50.00
Margin and Risk Liquidation Fees $0.01/share or $1.00/contract with a $50 per position minimum
Minimum monthly commission, accounts under $15,000 $25.00
Options Exercise/Assignment Fee $15.00
Overnight Checks (Domestic) $30.00
Overnight Checks (International) $50.00
Paper Statement Delivery Fee (per mailing) $5.00
Paper Confirm Delivery Fee (per trade) $2.00
E-mail Statement and Confirm Delivery Fee Free
Pre Pay Fees $30.00
Return Certificates $25.00/Item
Saturday Delivery Checks $30.00
Stop Pay Fees (W/D) $30.00
Wire Fees (Domestic) $20.00
Wire Fees (International) $50.00
Wires Returned $30.00
OTCBB $10.00 Per Trade
Phone Orders $20.00 Per Trade

Securities Processing Fees (Securities Accounts)

Description Fee
DRS Statement Withdrawal $30.00
Certificate Processing Fee $75.00
DWAC and DRS Process Fee $30.00+Transfer Agent Fees
ESOP Trades $125.00
“F Stock”
(Foreign Securities listed on any exchange)
Illiquid Charge $250
(in addition to current illiquid interest charges)**
Non-DTC Eligible Securities $75.00iii
Non DTCC-eligible security execution fee $7.50
Non DTCC-eligible security DTC fee $80.00
Non DTCC-eligible security Deposit fee $75.00
Non DTCC-eligible security New York Window fee $34.00
Non DTCC-eligible security Transfer Agent fees Ranges from $25.00 – $500.00
Reorganization Items (Subscriptions, Redemptions, Tenders, Exchanges and Conversions) $20.00
Replace Lost Cerificate $20.00 + Transfer Agent Fees
Request of Certificate for DRS eligible issue $350.00
Research Fee $25.00v
Restricted Stock Processing $125.00i
RUSH Transfer Request $575.00iv
Transfership request to mail to customer $235.00ii
Transfer of Securities Requiring Legal Opinion Documents $50.00 (Per issue)
Warrant Exercise $125.00ii
Worthless Security Held $7.50 / month / cusip
Worthless Security Reinstated $15.00 / cusip

ACCOUNT FEE SCHEDULE (Futures accounts)

Service Amount
ACH No Charge
Wire Transfer In No Charge
Wire Transfer Out $25 (Domestic) / $50 (International)
*Payee is responsible for all intermediary charges
Check Disbursement  $25 per check.  No fee when closing account
Check Disbursement (Express Delivery)  $50 (Domestic, Monday-Friday). Fees for Saturday and
International Delivery are determined by FedEx.
Stop Payment  $25 per item
Non-Sufficient Funds or Returned Item $50 per item
Outgoing Account Transfer  $50 per account, plus commissions and fees
Delivery / Retender $250 flat fee, plus $50 per contract and other applicable fees; including interest and storage.
*Fees and penalties may apply to clients not prepared to take or make delivery.
Currency Conversions    $10 (under $1,000 USD equivalent) / $50 ($1,000 USD or more)
US Government Securities  $50 purchase fee/$100 liquidation fee
Debit Interest (All Debit Balances) Prime Lending Rate + 200 bps
Margin Call Fee *$50 on T+2
*$100 each day after T+2
*Clients may also be subject to liquidation and associated fees
Paper Statements $25 per month
Monthly Statement Resends- Email or Mailed $5 per statement
Inactivity Fee   $25 per account per month for accounts with no trading activity in the past year (364 days)
Give Up Agreement Management  $75 per agreement, or as agreed upon

*Fees are subject to change without notice/additional fees may apply beyond those listed above.

i Represents the fee per cusip per deposit at the time of deposit plus all fees associated with clearing stock from client name to street name. This includes all transfer agent fees and UPS mailing fees to and from the transfer agent and DTCC. If the certificate is rejected for paperwork from the transfer agent or DTCC, the rejection fee will be charged to the client account along with any redeposit fees.

ii Additionally any wire transfer, stock processing, DWAC, UPS, or any other additional fees apply

iii Represents the fee per certificate required to satisfy a trade or to re-register from the other B/D to Wedbush name plus all costs from the transfer agent, DTCC NY window processing fee, and UPS to and from the transfer agent for each breakdown. The typical cost for a breakdown of shares can range from $25-$450 + depending on the number of certificates needed to satisfy the trade or number of certificates received from the other B/D.

iv Represents the fee per certificate withdrawal plus DTCC fees, UPS fees to customer, and transfer agent fees charged to Wedbush by DTCC.

v Charged when a request is made to status a certificate within 10 days from receipt of completed physical stock certificate. The 10 days starts from the date sent to DTCC or transfer agent.

**Sell transactions in OTCBB and Pink Sheet which are greater than 10% of the 20-day average daily volume for that security, result in charges from Wedbush of $250. Buy side transactions which are considered excessive in size could potentially incur this charge as well. Regarding F stocks, criteria is reversed so any buys which are greater than 10% of the 20-day average daily volume are subject to this fee as well as any sells considered excessive in size.

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