Institutional and Managed Accounts with Lightspeed
Larry McMillan talks about his experience with Lightspeed. As a long time professional trader, he manages a set of accounts and does speculative trading on our platforms.

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I have been using the Lightpspeed Trader platform for active day-trading stocks and equity options for over 4 years. Order placements and fills are very fast. The platform is highly reliable, feature-rich,and allows you to speed up custom order placements/modifications with hot keys and hot buttons which I use often.

Operation costs are low, and commission rates are very reasonable. A company's value is highly dependent on the quality works of its staff. Lightspeed has the right mix. Many individuals whom I had spoken to and worked with at the Helpdesk and Tradedesk are fantastic!
Barry, Sacramento, CA
I am amazed how quickly trades execute.....I am not used to this.. I love Lightspeed. Executions are extremely fast... platform is very easy. Love hotkeys and buttons.....
John, Woodland Hills, CA
There have been some great American inventions throughout time. Some that come to mind are the light bulb, the computer, the internet, etc.......... But this risk tool you rolled out for ME especially is right up there!! All kidding aside, it’s seriously a game-changer for me....... It’s wonderful to know how close I am to running out of House Excess and getting a margin call...thanks for introducing Lightspeed Risk.
Vincent, Fort Lauderdale, FL
I wanted to let you know, Lightspeed won my business due to customer service!
Donavan, VA
Lightspeed is awesome! I talk to my rep multiple times a day and he takes care of me like nowhere else.
Chris, NY
Today was my first day trading back on the Lightspeed Trader platform again from TD Ameritrade Think or Swim. All I have to say is this is the absolute best platform I have ever traded on. Executions were extremely fast with no lag. I just wanted to send an email thanking you for getting me connected. This is absolutely amazing!
Rob, Santa Rosa, CA
I just want to say this, with all the extra volume and volatility we've seen recently, I know many brokers have had major problems with quotes and orders. LS has been flawless! Thank you!
Shane, Rexburg, Idaho
Bob has been really good to me, going well above and beyond the call of duty. I'd recommend him without hesitation or reservation. I keep telling him to take the weekends off, and that he doesn't have to answer my e-mail until the week to come, but, there he is on a Sunday with a reply. Truly exceptional service always!
David, Minneapolis, MN
I've tried other trading platforms and none compare to the set-up and speed of Lightspeed Trader. The Lightspeed Trader platform is freaking awesome!!
Mike, Ridgeland, MS
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