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Lightspeed Trader is the ideal software for both day traders and investors with our flagship trading platform offering equities and options routing to over 100 destinations.
See a detailed list of features below.

  • Advanced multi-threaded, multi-core processing
  • Optimized Level II quote messaging
  • Low latency execution
  • Historical intraday chart data
  • Order routing destinations
  • Advanced options trading strategies
  • Block ticker alert and ticker alert
  • Fully customizable
  • Research capabilities powered by TipRanks
  • Social Sentiment and the S-Score with SMA

We continually upgrade Lightspeed Trader to give active traders an edge in the market. The technology and features built into our platform are driven by one goal: to give real traders the ultimate tools for seizing market opportunities. We pride ourselves on providing the fastest market data and order management solutions in the industry.

Advanced Options Trading

Lightspeed allows you to easily build and trade complex options strategies like debit and credit spreads, straddles, strangles and butterflies. Our interface lets you quickly select the options legs you want to trade and automatically creates “multi legged” order tickets with your desired strategy. The navigation is simple, intuitive, and extremely powerful. To top it off, take advantage of additional intraday leverage extended to you from hedged options strategies.

Customizable Options Chains

Customizable Options Chains
Set up your options chains to display the exact info you need to see. Lightspeed offers dozens of columns and settings. Our options chains are fully interactive. Select multiple lines in your chain and automatically send the corresponding strategy to your order entry window. You can also link your chains to stock quotes, level II options quotes, and options prints (time and sales).

Complex Order Entry (COE)

New Complex Order Entry

The COE window can receive multiple lines directly from the options chain. This allows you to quickly and easily select, stage, and send your complex options strategy orders. With our low options commissions, you never pay extra for complex orders.

Choose from:

  • Covered calls.
  • Protective puts.
  • Debit and credit spreads.
  • Long and short strangles.
  • Long and short straddles.
  • Butterflies.
  • Or build your own strategy with any leg combination, including equity legs

You can do much more with the new COE:

  • Route your orders directly to a selected options exchange.
  • Reverse your strategies with the click of a button to reflect your market sentiment.
  • See how much premium you will pay or receive for each complex order before you send it.
  • Save your favorite strategies for faster input in future orders.
Executions Window

New Executions Window

  • Use this window to see the margin requirements on open orders and trades in each underlying security.
  • See all trades broken down by individual fill.
  • Use the strategy view to manually break and hedge eligible positions.
  • Manually hedge your positions and strategies. Select any row to break an already existing hedge.
  • Pin positions to mark them as hedged or broken.
  • Use Auto-hedge to automatically hedge all eligible positions for the best utilization of margin.
Options Level II Quotes

Level 2 Options Quotes

  • Lightspeed Trader provides you with real-time quote feeds from all the major exchanges.
  • Get an in-depth look at options liquidity at every price level.
  • Level II allows you to see buyers and sellers in the market and offers insight into potential points of resistance and support.
  • Integrated time and sales, positions bar, Greeks bar and, order ticket.
  • If your strategy involves scalping options, this feature is a must.
  • Keep track of where options are actually trading, not just where they are being quoted. Our options Time & Sales window helps you filter out the noise and see where the price action really is.
  • Customize and sort your columns
Options Time and Sales

Option Time and Sales

  • Keep track of where options are actually trading, not just where they are being quoted. Our options Time & Sales window helps you filter out the noise and see where the action really is.
  • Link your time and sales window to your options quotes.
  • Customize and sort your columns based on your preferences.
Customizable Layouts

Lightspeed Trader allows you to configure up to 10 personalized screen layouts. Each layout can stretch across four monitors, and you can switch between layouts with the click of a button.

Layout Example
Customizable Layouts

Trade Stocks and Options

Lightspeed lets you trade equities and options from a single screen. View one of our introductory platform webinars to see how simple it is.

Level 2 stock quotes
Level 2 Stock Quotes

Streaming Options Chains
Streaming Options Chanins

Level 2 Options Quotes
Level 2 Options Quotes

Scan the Market for Trading Opportunities

LightScan searches the entire universe of stocks to display symbols sorted and filtered based on your preferences. Sort by over 100 possible criteria and filter to create infinite possibilities.
Light Scan

Block Ticker lets you track big trades. See what the big boys are trading.
Block Ticker

Ticker Alert lets you find stocks that are breaking new highs and lows. See where the momentum is.
Ticker Alert

Advanced Charting

Advanced Charting

  • Fast – Our charts are powered directly by our ticker plant. This eliminates any delays between market prints and chart updates.
  • Customizable – Easily link charts to Level II screens, create hot buttons to view multiple charts, automatically plot trade executions into your charts, configure time frames, change colors and display options.
  • Advanced – Extensive range of studies offered including comparison charts, moving averages, relative strength indicators, MACD indicators, Bollinger bands, and more.
Order Entry to Suit Any Trading Style

Hot Keys. Map any standard or custom order type to a keyboard shortcut.
Hot Keys

Order Entry Window. Use your mouse to set up and send your orders.
Order Entry Window

Basket Trading. Use our List Order Entry (LOE) window to simultaneously send orders for multiple symbols. The LOE is completely configurable for each trader’s preferences.
Basket Trading

Risk Controls

Remain disciplined and prevent order entry errors using our front and back end risk controls.
Risk Controls

Custom Orders

Build your own orders with predefined parameters. React faster to trading opportunities by sending the order type which will increase your chances of a fill. Once your orders are configured to your liking, they can be sent instantly with the press of a keyboard shortcut.
Custom Orders

Tip of the Iceberg

To see everything that our platform has to offer, we encourage you to request a free practice demo account. Our knowledgeable staff can give you a personalized tutorial, and help you configure your layout and order entry options to your specific trading style.

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